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Driver Recruiting with Tim Norlin - Vice President of Driver Employment

In this episode, Tim Norlin, Roehl Transport's Vice President of Driver Employment, joins Roman and Michael to talk about how Roehl connects with professional truck drivers and those who want be drivers.

Mick Croft - Flatbed Driver

In this episode, you'll hear Shane "Mick" Croft's story. Mick shares why he came to the US from Australia, how he came through Roehl's free Get Your CDL truck driving training, and how being a truck driver has allowed him to see America.

Bonus: Christmas Poem

Hear Roman read a short poem. Happy Holidays!

Ajduan Derala - Driver Trainer

Ajduan (AJ) Derala moved to the United States from Turkey in 1999. AJ got his CDL through Roehl and is a driver trainer in our refrigerated division.

CEO Rick Roehl

CEO Rick Roehl joins Roman and Michael on the official Roehl Transport Keeping It Roehl Podcast. They discuss some Roehl Transport history and where we are going in the future.

Ellen Voie - CEO of the Women In Trucking Association

In this episode Ellen Voie, the President & CEO of the Women in Trucking (WIT) Association, joins Roman & Michael. Roehl was recently named a Top Company For Women to Work For In Transportation - our third consecutive year receiving this distinction. Tim Norlin, VP of Driver Employment, also joined the podcast.

Roman & Michael talk about how they got into trucking

In this episode, you'll hear from Roman and Michael about how they got into trucking and how they came to Roehl. They also talk about our recent ATA President's Trophy and other topics.

Justin Klute - Manager Orientation and Driver Development

In this episode, Justin Klute joins Roman and Michael. Justin shares his journey of coming to Roehl to get his CDL, driving locally and then becoming an instructor, and now as a manager.

Driver Training with Samantha Manter & Andrew Menoff

In this episode, Samantha Manter, Fleet Operations Manager, and Andrew Menoff, GYCDL Instructor, join Roman and Michael to talk about how they came to Roehl, training drivers, becoming a mentor and why that matters.

Wellness: Exercising, Socializing and Eating with Tianna Voda

Roehl's Employee Wellness Coordinator, Tianna Voda, joins Roman & Michael to talk about exercising, socializing and eating well while on the road.

Bonus: Stress Relief & Focus with Tianna Voda

In this BONUS Episode, Roehl's Employee Wellness Coordinator, Tianna Voda, shares some helpful hints to reduce stress and to improve focus.

DOT Inspector Ryan Schultz

Ryan Schultz, a Wisconsin State Patrol DOT Inspector, joins Roman and Michael to discuss how he became an inspector. Inspector Schultz was a former driver and he also worked on trucks, so he brings a unique perspective to his work.

Tech Innovation with John Paape, VP of Technology

VP of Technology John Paape joins Roman and Mike to talk about our technology and how that helps our driving teammates.

Terry Benjamin, Two Million Safe Mile Driver

Terry Benjamin joins Roman & Michael to talk about his 25+ years with TeamRoehl.

Introductions & Dan Lyon

Meet Roman & Michael and hear from Dan Lyon, who got his CDL through Roehl in 1994.

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